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Custom door solutions

  • 4 Finishes

  • up to 8' tall

  • Made to order

  • Hardware included

  • Quick lead time

  • All door systems available



Modern doors, custom made to your specifications.


Modern interior doors and contemporary design are synonymous with style and class. Usually found in upscale homes, condominiums and office spaces, the beauty of a custom modern door is unique and sets the standard for your surroundings.


RomaPorte is always ready to answer any of your questions or concerns, we have qualified dealers all over Miami. Furthermore, our experts are available to assist you in choosing the right Italian door for your Miami home. Our primary goal is to make sure that your home it's equip with the finest modern interior doors in Florida.


Our signature RomaPorte line gives you all the amenities of fine living while ensuring your design efforts are truly rewarded. You want the best – we have the best. We’re RomaPorte, your new design standard for haute couture living.


Modern Swing Doors


This door is sure to blow your mind from miles away. Featuring many different features such an adjustable frame, Italian magnetic locks, and invisible hinges.

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Modern Euro-Style Doors


Doors like this are specially made to bring life and happiness into your home or business. They accomplished this, by providing a unique modern look and feel, that's only possible with this modern Italian door.

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Modern Pocket Doors


Pocket doors are perfect for adding a great amount of privacy to your home. They are useful at separating bathrooms, closets, and kitchens while still delivering luxury and style.

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Modern Bypass Doors


A modern home is not a home without a contemporary Bypass Door. This type of door are essential to any home, and they provide a modern style that cannot be compare to anything else.

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Modern Bi-Fold Doors


There aren't many intriguing doors out there, except this modern Bi-Fold doors. Doors such as this are very unique, making them perfect for luxury closets that need the presence of a truly modern interior door.

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Modern Barn Doors


Business all around the world use Barn doors to bring elegance and comfort to their work space. That's because this doors are sure to impress potential clients without even saying a word.

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Our Services



We provide beautiful custom modern doors in four finishes and four colors. These designs can be further enhanced through the use of glass. Our interior doors are also accompanied by beautiful modern interior door hardware in brushed stain or high-polished chrome finishes.

Modern Hardware

​Stainless Steel Handles


Our designer hardware selections for your custom doors are elegant and stylish. Preferences of passage or privacy sets in round or square selections provide an understated refinement to your setting.

High Polished Chrome Handles


The modern enthusiast loves the upscale look of hardware in high polished chrome. Our choices are the ultimate in luxury and class. Available in square and round sets with privacy or passage options, your doors will be the epitome of excellent taste.

Luxury, style, and design are all in our DNA, and it shows in all of our products like our modern interior pockets doors, swing doors, bypass doors and many more. We do our best to make our contemporary doors as perfect as possible, by always pushing the limits of design right to the very edge.


In addition, we also pride ourselves of using only the best materials and always looking in how to improve our line of custom doors. And don't worry If you don't live in the Miami area, because we also have dealers both in New York and California waiting for your call. RomaPorte is constantly expanding throughout the United States, to deliver it's collection of Italian doors to as many customers as possible.


Our designer doors are all very unique, and we want everyone to experience this outstanding custom doors. Our mission is to provide the highest quality contemporary interior doors to all Miami and other cities around the world. 


Furthermore, at RomaPorte we always make it our priority to listen to what our customer want's and record their inputs. This is important because as a customer you will be able to choose not only the model of the designer interior door you like best, but also choose the type of finish, the hardware associated with the door, and more.


Finally, no matter where you lived: California, Florida or New York, we always try to provide the best possible service that we can offer.


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Miramar, FL 33023

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